Yule Love Blueberry Hill for the Holidays


It’s that time of year again. Everywhere you look little lights are twinkling, there is a man standing in front of the grocery store ringing a bell incessantly, and you’ve already heard “Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer” three times today.  We have officially entered the Holiday season.

The Holidays mean different things to different people, but can’t we all agree that the real reason for the season is to spend time with good friends and family? We fight against the cold and dark of winter with the warmth of friendship, familial love, and countless strings of twinkling lights.


Whatever your plans for the Holidays, let us suggest that you also plan to spend some time with us here at Blueberry Hill.  On a cold winter day Blueberry Hill is the very definition of cozy.  The perfect place to rendezvous with old friends and extended family. Our menu and bar have something for everyone and we are delighted to accommodate groups large or small.

Conversely, we are also the perfect place to spend a little time away from your relatives after several long days of small talk and cookies.  When you come to Blueberry Hill for the Holidays, whether it’s with your family or seeking refuge from them, we promise a warm and festive atmosphere. But not too festive, we do not employ a bell ringer.


Movie Lovers Rejoice!


The Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival returns for its 23rd year in 2014. Running from November 13th to the 23rd, the festival gives St. Louisans the opportunity to see 389 films from filmmakers in 69 countries. That’s a lot of films! Each one represents a chance to experience something new, to see a place you’ve never been, a brief glimpse into another world.

While seeing all 389 films is probably impossible, we recommend that every St. Louisan make a thorough perusal of the catalogue and an honest effort to attend the films that spark their interest. And if you end up seeing a film or two at the Tivoli theater, or Brown Hall at Washington U, we strongly recommend that you stop in Blueberry Hill beforehand for a famous hamburger, and again afterwards for a round of beers and a revelatory discussion of the film!

Until next time!

The Blueberry Hill Blog Memorabilia Spotlight #3: Dart Room-o-saurus

For this edition of The Blueberry Hill Blog Memorabilia Spotlight our quick and haphazard memorabilia selection process takes us into the Dart Room and back to the Mesozoic Era. That is where you will find one of the crown jewels of our not-strictly-authentic-taxidermy collection. Immediately to the left of the door into the Dart Room, above the change machine, resides this bad boy.


Be honest, have you ever seen a more beautifully preserved specimen? Especially considering that this impressive reptile is presumably between 65 and 230 million years old! When word first got out amongst the staff that Blueberry Hill was getting a dinosaur many of us were expecting that it would be bigger. Perhaps this particular specimen was a juvenile, I guess there is no way to know for sure until we finally hire that staff paleontologist we’ve been looking for.

Next time you’re in Blueberry Hill be sure and take a moment to check out the Dart Room-o-sauras and our display case of more well known dinosaurs!



Until next time!

More Than Just Hot Air


You are standing in the verdant green of one of the largest and most beautiful urban parks in the country. A warm early fall breeze brushes across the afternoon. Amongst the happy families and assembled humanity, you drink in the bursting colors of scores of half-filled hot air balloons.

The throaty scream of one, then dozens of powerful gas burners announce the imminent start of the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. As the launch approaches, balloons ripen before your eyes, attaining their full size, itching to leave gravity behind.

Finally The Hare can wait no longer and gently takes to the sky. Thirty minutes later, as the rest follow suit, the sky seems to be wearing polka dots of every color. Slowly, calmly, the balloons drift away, eventually fading from sight. As the ground crews load up their trailers you realize that all this balloon racing has stirred a hunger inside you. Lucky for you Blueberry Hill is only minutes away.

Be sure and join us this weekend before or after The Great Forest Park Balloon Race!

Real Live Daredevils in The Loop!

Looking for something fun to do this weekend?

Come to The Loop on Sunday, August 24, and witness first hand the amazing show put on by the American Motordrome Wall of Death Company.  These guys came to town last summer as part of the St. Louis Cycle Showcase and we were blown away.  Don’t miss your chance to see these daredevils riding vintage motorcycles on the 16 foot tall vertical wall. It’s one of those things that can’t be oversold. And while you’re in The Loop checking out the motorbikes and soaking up the thrills, if you find yourself getting a little hungry or thirsting for a beverage, swing by Blueberry Hill and we’ll take care of you!



Happening Now on the Blueberry Hill Patio: Beautiful Summer Evenings

Good old reliable planet Earth is seven and a half months into its annual trip around the Sun. For those of us in the Midwestern United States that means warm temperatures and long days: ideal conditions for spending a long summer evening on the patio at Blueberry Hill.

In our opinion, The Loop is at its most enchanting on a temperate summer evening. In the warm breeze, under the constantly changing light around sunset, the families, students and sundry humanity in The Loop take on a special glow. Bring some friends, choose your favorite table, sit back and enjoy the show.

Summer is fleeting; enjoy it while you can!

Your Sweetheart Awaits at Blueberry Hill

For over 41 years Blueberry Hill has been grilling St. Louis’ best hamburger and slinging cold beers to wash them down. Our burger has won pretty much every award given out in the St. Louis food world, most of them many times over. So it’s easy to understand why so many of our loyal customers order our Famous Hamburger every time they come to Blueberry Hill.

And yet we have so much more to offer. Today we would like to alert the Internet to the simple deliciousness of Blueberry Hill’s Sweetheart Sandwich. It’s a staff favorite and and unsung hero of Blueberry Hill’s menu.


Start with a quarter pound hot dog split long-ways and grilled on our flat top grill. At the last minute melt some Swiss cheese on top. Then pile on tons of crisp white onions and sandwich all that good stuff between two slices of marble rye. We serve it in a basket with chips and a pickle spear. We’d also recommend a little mustard and cold Fitz’s Root Beer for a perfect lunch.

The first time you try a Sweetheart you’ll probably find yourself wondering how this masterpiece of the sandwich arts hasn’t found its way to top of the Iconic American Sandwich List. It’s a mystery to us too! But hey, everybody loves an underdog.

Until next time!

Take Home a Memory!

You know that contented, carefree feeling you get when you’re in your favorite booth or on your favorite barstool at Blueberry Hill? When you’ve ordered some food and had a few sips of your drink and the jukebox is rocking and all around you people are eating and drinking and smiling and laughing? It’s a good feeling. We feel it too. If only we could bottle that feeling and sell it to go!

While we haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet, we have figured out how to put our name on some lovely items that are sufficiently tangible for you to bring home with you. What kind of items? I’m so glad you asked!

Blueberry Hill T-shirts!






Blueberry Hill Glassware!




And that’s not all! We’ve also got hats for your head, flights for your darts, koozies for your beers and we can package our food to go, you know, for your stomach. Who said “you can’t take it with you?”

And now, thanks to the wonders of Internet, you can get your hands on these items even if you are thousands of miles away from Blueberry Hill, just use our Blueberry Hill online store

Until next time!

Breaking Blueberry Hill Burger News: Still the Best!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for all of us Blueberry Hill hamburger lovers. Between National Hamburger Day (May 28th) and the beginning of St. Louis restaurant poll season, we’ve had even more reasons than usual to pull up a bar stool and worship at the shrine of burger.


That’s right, the results from the Riverfront Times Restaurant Poll are in and we’re happy to report that once again we’ve brought home the plaque for St. Louis’ Favorite Burger!

We’ve been doing our best to consistently make the tastiest hamburger in town for more than four decades and it feels great to know that St. Louis’ restaurant-going public appreciates our hard work!  We’re going to celebrate with with a round of our Famous Hamburgers and cold beers. Why don’t you come in and join us?

Memorabilia Spotlight #2 (huh-huh huh huh… #2)

For this edition of The Blueberry Hill Blog’s Memorabilia Spotlight we were able to forgo our normal quick and haphazard memorabilia selection process and just listen to our gut.  For #2 could there be a more obviously appropriate item from the Blueberry Hill Collection than this?


Why yes, that is Beavis and Butthead branded toilet paper.  Straight from a Spencer’s Gifts in the mid-1990s comes one of the most brilliant licensed products we have ever seen! It’s making us giggle just looking at it!

Next time you’re in Blueberry Hill be sure and check out this veritable pinnacle of product licensing and its brethren (Beavis and Butthead mousepad anyone?) in their regular home display case in the Pac Man Room.