Enjoy Our Famous Hamburger With Unlimited Fresh Air

Patio season has arrived, let us rejoice!

Celebrate the return of lovely weather by enjoying some food and drinks with friends on Blueberry Hill’s lively sidewalk patio! When you spend time at one of our comfortable outdoor tables everything you order comes with excellent people watching and boundless fresh air. A cold drink is all the more enjoyable in the gentle spring sunlight. St. Louis’ best burger is at its most delicious accompanied by a draught beer, out of doors, on warm spring evening. Need proof? Our patio opens at 11am daily.


See you soon!

A Groundbreaking Groundbreaking

Come one, come all to what is surely the premiere Thursday mid-day event in the proximate future. Do you enjoy Festivities? Music? Public transportation? Toy excavators? Marching bands? If you answered yes to even one of these questions and are looking for a historic and fun event to attend then merrily make your way to the corner of Delmar Boulevard and Limit Avenue on Thursday, March 12 at 11:00am, for the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the long awaited Loop Trolley!

There will be civic leaders and folding chairs, a sandbox, a marching band, toy trolleys and so much more.  Do not miss out!

See you there!

Trolley toy

trolley toy 2

Coming soon in full size!

The Blueberry Hill Cold Weather Survival Plan

come in from the cold

You are probably well aware that it is really, really, seriously cold in St. Louis right now.  This is the kind of cold that causes otherwise hearty St. Louisans to reflexively shout obscenities upon opening their front doors in the morning. It’s the kind of cold that makes large mammals consideration hibernation. Fight that instinct! There is another way.

The genius of The Blueberry Hill Cold Weather Survival Plan is its simplicity.  When the bitter cold starts to get you down, come to Blueberry Hill!

We’ve got everything you need to keep old man winter at bay. First and foremost we have four walls and a roof to insulate you from the elements. Add to that a powerful commercial heating system with which we are able to control the temperature inside our establishment and suddenly the cold doesn’t seem like such a big deal. And these are just the basics!

The heart of our winter survival plan is the hot delicious food we serve, the warm smiles of our staff, the subtle warming effects of the drinks from our bar, the hot jams emanating from the jukebox, and the sort of camaraderie and conviviality that warms the soul. We open early and stay open late, so come in out of the cold!

Your cozy oasis awaits!


Blueberry Hill Blog Memorabilia Spotlight #4: Mystical Advisors

Being alive and conscious in the world is at once a great privilege and an enormous responsibility. With existence comes countless questions and unending opportunities to make decisions that will shape your every future moment. Kinda heavy, right?

Well fear not, If you find yourself daunted by the choices you are forced to make in your daily life, the American toy industry offers at least two products designed to assist you in your decision making process. These two infinitely useful tools are counted among Blueberry Hill’s extensive pop culture memorabilia collection and are at the center of this edition the Blueberry Hill Blog’s Memorabilia Spotlight.

Behold, Zoltar Speaks


And The Magic 8-Ball


Both of these soothsayers promise the answers to your most pressing existential questions, so long as they phrased as yes or no questions.

Will I ever find the meaning of life? ”Cannot predict now”

Is Blueberry Hill’s Famous 7oz Hamburger the best in St. Louis?  ”All signs point to yes”

The only problem as we see it is who to trust? Zoltar or the Magic 8-Ball? Maybe both? What if they disagree?

There is only one way to settle this.


Until next time!


Carnival Time!

You there! Step right up and behold the fabulous, splendiferous, ice cold spectacle that is the 2015 Loop Ice Carnival. It’s the coldest show on earth!

St. Louis’ favorite family friendly celebration of all things icy is back in town for one weekend only, January 16-17. Bring your spouse, and your kids, and your grandparents, and your neighbor that you’ve been meaning to get to know better, and the old gang from high school, and that nice guy from the deli counter at the grocery store and come on down to The Loop while the carnival is in town!

We’ve got penguins, and stilt walkers, and human dog sled racing, and dollar bills frozen in ice cubes that we’re just giving away, and you can bowl with a frozen turkey! There will also be ice carving demonstrations, and fire performers, and synchronized hooping, and snowballs and put-put, and laughs, and smiles, and drinks warm and cold!

The whole shebang kicks off Friday night at the Moonrise Hotel for the annual Ice Carnival Snow Ball where attendees are encouraged to wear whimsical winter wear and dance the night away. Then Saturday its a full day of wintery wonderment starting with our frozen buns run 5K at 10am.

Be there and be cool!






We’re Ready for New Years. Are You?



You know what all good New Years parties have in common? Party hats, noise makers, you and your friends and plenty of drinks. We’ve got the drinks, party hats and noise makers covered, the rest is up to you!

Whether you want to party with hometown bad boy rockers Joe Dirt in the Duck Room with an open bar for $40, or you’d rather party above ground in any of our other festive rooms, we promise there will be merriment galore!

We sincerely hope to ring in the New Year with you!


Yule Love Blueberry Hill for the Holidays


It’s that time of year again. Everywhere you look little lights are twinkling, there is a man standing in front of the grocery store ringing a bell incessantly, and you’ve already heard “Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer” three times today.  We have officially entered the Holiday season.

The Holidays mean different things to different people, but can’t we all agree that the real reason for the season is to spend time with good friends and family? We fight against the cold and dark of winter with the warmth of friendship, familial love, and countless strings of twinkling lights.


Whatever your plans for the Holidays, let us suggest that you also plan to spend some time with us here at Blueberry Hill.  On a cold winter day Blueberry Hill is the very definition of cozy.  The perfect place to rendezvous with old friends and extended family. Our menu and bar have something for everyone and we are delighted to accommodate groups large or small.

Conversely, we are also the perfect place to spend a little time away from your relatives after several long days of small talk and cookies.  When you come to Blueberry Hill for the Holidays, whether it’s with your family or seeking refuge from them, we promise a warm and festive atmosphere. But not too festive, we do not employ a bell ringer.


Movie Lovers Rejoice!


The Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival returns for its 23rd year in 2014. Running from November 13th to the 23rd, the festival gives St. Louisans the opportunity to see 389 films from filmmakers in 69 countries. That’s a lot of films! Each one represents a chance to experience something new, to see a place you’ve never been, a brief glimpse into another world.

While seeing all 389 films is probably impossible, we recommend that every St. Louisan make a thorough perusal of the catalogue and an honest effort to attend the films that spark their interest. And if you end up seeing a film or two at the Tivoli theater, or Brown Hall at Washington U, we strongly recommend that you stop in Blueberry Hill beforehand for a famous hamburger, and again afterwards for a round of beers and a revelatory discussion of the film!

Until next time!

The Blueberry Hill Blog Memorabilia Spotlight #3: Dart Room-o-saurus

For this edition of The Blueberry Hill Blog Memorabilia Spotlight our quick and haphazard memorabilia selection process takes us into the Dart Room and back to the Mesozoic Era. That is where you will find one of the crown jewels of our not-strictly-authentic-taxidermy collection. Immediately to the left of the door into the Dart Room, above the change machine, resides this bad boy.


Be honest, have you ever seen a more beautifully preserved specimen? Especially considering that this impressive reptile is presumably between 65 and 230 million years old! When word first got out amongst the staff that Blueberry Hill was getting a dinosaur many of us were expecting that it would be bigger. Perhaps this particular specimen was a juvenile, I guess there is no way to know for sure until we finally hire that staff paleontologist we’ve been looking for.

Next time you’re in Blueberry Hill be sure and take a moment to check out the Dart Room-o-sauras and our display case of more well known dinosaurs!



Until next time!

More Than Just Hot Air


You are standing in the verdant green of one of the largest and most beautiful urban parks in the country. A warm early fall breeze brushes across the afternoon. Amongst the happy families and assembled humanity, you drink in the bursting colors of scores of half-filled hot air balloons.

The throaty scream of one, then dozens of powerful gas burners announce the imminent start of the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. As the launch approaches, balloons ripen before your eyes, attaining their full size, itching to leave gravity behind.

Finally The Hare can wait no longer and gently takes to the sky. Thirty minutes later, as the rest follow suit, the sky seems to be wearing polka dots of every color. Slowly, calmly, the balloons drift away, eventually fading from sight. As the ground crews load up their trailers you realize that all this balloon racing has stirred a hunger inside you. Lucky for you Blueberry Hill is only minutes away.

Be sure and join us this weekend before or after The Great Forest Park Balloon Race!